The property where the family house “Opal” is situated is on the shore of Dermendere river in Parvenec. Just like the precious stone, the building is unique. The property itself is covered in fresh grass and flourishing greenery.

What makes “Opal” stand out from the crowd is its spacious rooms, high ceilings and the abundance of light, achieved through the glazing of the walls on the ceilings. Since each client has his own taste, the interior can be adjusted to one’s preferences. The multifunctional zones offer plenty of opportunities for modifications.

The kitchen is in line with the latest trends in the industry and the accent falls on the kitchen island. The separate dining room is large enough to ensure the comfort of your family. Enjoy the picturesque scenery of your garden and the riverbank while having a lunch with your beloved ones. The glazed ceiling makes your dining room bright and cozy.

There are three bedrooms on the second floor and the main one is as large as your average 1-room apartment. It has a separate luxurious bathroom with a bathtub and a shower cabin. Moreover, in the main bedroom, you have a roomy closet for all of your clothes.

Family house “Opal” has the ambitious goal to stand out from the rest with its top-notch architecture, modern outlook and comfort that makes you come back again and again. The project takes advantage of the ground, its location, and the surroundings without ignoring the clients’ demands to personalize the estate.
The solid structure is covered with wood and granite, which make the perfect finish for this exceptional family house.

To make your dream house a reality we use only top-quality materials from established brands such as Wienerberger, Weber, Salamander, and Hörmann.

Family House “Opal” – 350 m2/ yard – 704 m2
Price (before start construction works) – Please, make inquiry
Price (after house realisation) – Please, make inquiry

Project and 3D - exterior

Project and 3D - interior

Scheme of Family House “Opal”

Short video presentation of "OPAL"

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