Markovo is a small village just 3,5 km south of Plovdiv. Near the village is the “Rhodopi” park, which is part of the Rhodopi Yaka (en: Rhodopi Collar). The legend says that the medieval ruler Kaloyan camped beneath the peak Kaloyan, situated above Markovo. This is how the mountain peak got its name. The summit offers a breath-taking view over the Thracian Lowlands, famous for their wine sorts. Around the village, there is the largest Mavrud plantation in Bulgaria. Also, there are many cherry gardens nearby. Markovo has rich historical and cultural heritage. There are two chapels “St. George” and “St. Atanas” in the outskirts of the village as well as the “Kapeto” locality where the ruins of the ancient Roman fortress can be seen. The remaining catchments used to supply the Roman town of Trimontium are still functioning.

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