Residential complex “Nephrite” gives your family everything it needs – a place to call home. Each of the four houses in the complex has the amenities a modern day family looks for. Besides, it is situated between the villages of Parvenec and Markovo, meaning you can quickly get on the road and visit Plovdiv in no time.
But first things first. Why is that the right place for you and your family? Because you get a whole top-quality house just for yourself. The first floor offers:
- Living room, dining room, and a kitchen

The first floor is bright and spacious, giving you the chance to modify the interior design as you wish. The French windows let the sunlight enter the building while at the same time you get a view of your garden.

- Vestibule, toilet, closet and a storeroom. Each of these is roomy enough to make your home convenient.
The garage is large enough for two cars and it also has an entrance, leading to the barbeque and the vestibule. In other words, during rainy days you won’t get soaked when coming from work.

Upstairs you will find three separate bedrooms, two bathrooms, a closet, a hall, a laundry room and 3 terraces. The master bedroom has its own bathroom and closet to give you all the comfort you deserve.

Your home occupies 275,60 m2 while the yard is 556 m2.

Short video presentation of "NEPHRITE"


Building progress - 28 june 2020

Building progress - 02 september 2020

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