If you are looking for comfort, amenities, and uniqueness, then family house “Onyx” is just for you. And if that was not enough it also offers privacy and tranquility as it is located in the quiet village of Parvenec. You get the best of both worlds – your house is just 25 minutes away from Plovdiv’s city center but at the same time, you can enjoy the calmness of the village life. Imagine yourself sitting in your garden, watching the sunset over the Rhodope Mountains after a tough day at the office. What else can you ask for?

The modern outlook does not compromise with your comfort or the quality of the construction. The functionality of the building offers plenty of room for improvisation with the interior design. The spacious living room has a special corner that can be transformed into anything – art gallery, in-house garden and you can even set your wine collection there.

The kitchen and the dining room are in line with the latest trends in the industry as they offer access to the garage and the closet so you can quickly approach the groceries you need. Even on cloudy days, your house will be bright thanks to the glazed ceilings in the dining room. Onyx was built with convenience in mind. The three large bedrooms, the luxurious bathrooms, and the laundry room can satisfy even the most demanding clients.
Once you go out on the terrace, you get an outstanding view of the river and the mountain slopes. You can spend the hot summer nights in this area and just chill. Take a rest, surrounded by nature and the coziness of your home.

To make your dream house a reality we use only top-quality materials from established brands such as Wienerberger, Weber, Salamander, and Hörmann.

Family House “Onyx” – 350 m2/ yard – 704 m2
Price (before start construction works) – Please, make inquiry
Price (after house realisation) – Please, make inquiry

Project and 3D - exterior

Project and 3D - interior

Scheme of Family House “Onyx”

Short video presentation of "ONYX"

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