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We at ST Developments Ltd are here to deliver you the home of your dreams. Since we know that privacy, convenience, and serenity is what our clients are looking for, we decided to combine these crucial features in our projects. In order to do that, ST Developments invests in Markovo, Komatevo, and Parvenec, which are all just out of Plovdiv. This is how our company satisfies even the most demanding of clients. They get the tranquility of the village without missing the amenities of the big city. If you are searching for a home near Plovdiv, you have come to the right place.

ST Developments Ltd - Bulgaria is part of S.T. Construction Ltd - United Kingdom. S.T. Construction Ltd is a privately owned construction company, Set up and based in South London. S.T. Construction Ltd has the knowledge, skills and experience to undertake any and all building projects - from demolishing an existing structure and rebuilding it completely to renovating and refurbishing a property. In particular, S.T. Construction Ltd has a proven track-record of refurbishing local authority and housing association properties.





Markovo is a small village just 3,5 km south of Plovdiv. Near the village is the “Rhodopi” park, which is part of the Rhodopi Yaka (en: Rhodopi Collar). The legend says that the medieval ruler Kaloyan camped beneath the peak Kaloyan, situated above Markovo. This is how the mountain peak got its name. The summit offers a breath-taking view over the Thracian Lowlands, famous for their wine sorts. Around the village, there is the largest Mavrud plantation in Bulgaria. Also, there are many cherry gardens nearby. Markovo has rich historical and cultural heritage. More info



The village is 10 km south of Plovdiv in the north slopes of the Rhodopi Mountain. The Varlica river passes through Parvenec and there are several small but picturesque waterfalls within a walking distance. Through the ages it different names such as Varlovo, Dermendere, and Ferdinanovo, depending on the historical period. More info



Komatevo is part of Plovdiv as a separate district. Situated in the southwest suburbs of Plovdiv Komatevo offers outstanding views towards the Rhodopi Mountains. The public transport allows the residents to commute freely to any part of Plovdiv. Komatevo has public kindergartens and schools and a modern outdoor sports complex. The complex includes five soccer pitches, running track, multifunctional playground, sports, and recreation center and parking lot. More info



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