Residential complex ST 1 offers 12 low-budget homes, separated in three buildings. The apartments cover areas between 84 m2 and 94 m2. However, each apartment spreads on two floors as they are both designed to utilize the interior in a smart way.

The kitchen and the living room occupy the first floor along with the toilet and the vestibule. The spacious living room grants access to the yard where you can relax under the bright stars. Once you go upstairs there are two bedrooms waiting for you. The terrace is just above the yard, while the bathroom is situated between the two bedrooms.

It doesn’t matter if you chose a smaller or a larger apartment because both options include parking lots for two vehicles. Simply said, each apartment comes with a yard and two parking lots.


Small suite - 84 m2 - price 66 500 euro

Small suite - include:

  • Apartment – 84 m2
  • Yard – 24 m2
  • Two free parking lots – 31.5 m2
  • Аttic - 48-49 m2



Large suite 98 m2 - price 74 940 euro
Large suite - include:

  • Apartment – 98 m2
  • Yard – 63 m2 to 86 m2 (depending on the placement of your suite)
  • Two free parking lots – 31.5 m2
  • Аttic - 48-49 m2

Project and 3D - exterior

Project and 3D - interior

Scheme of "ST I"

Proccess of building


Short video presentation of "ST I"

Video - finalized "ST I"

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